Monday, June 19, 2006

Rava Idli


Medium/Coarse Rava: 2 cups
Salt-- to taste
Green Chillies finely minced-- to taste
Cilantro: a few sprigs
Curry Leaves: a few leaves
Mustard Seeds: 1 tsp
Urad Dal: 1 tbsp
Baking Soda: 1/2 tsp


1. Heat 3 tbsp of oil and after it becomes hot, add mustard seeds. Once they sputter, add urad dal and after they turn a little brown, add green chillies, salt, curry leaves, and finally the rava.

2. Fry the rava till some of the rava turns a little brown. Keep stirring to avoid burning. Once this is done, turn off the heat.

3. Now keep the cooker with some water and turn on the stove. Meanwhile oil the idli molds and set aside.

4. Add buttermilk/blended yogurt to the rava mixture and mix well with a spoon. Finally add the baking soda and mix well and immediately pour it into the molds.

5. I usually half fill the mold then put 3 cashews(planters salted cashews from the grocery) and then pour some more batter. This way every idli will have cashews.

6. Keep the idli plates inside the cooker and close the lid and wait for 15 minutes and then open. No need to keep the weight on the cooker.

7. Take the idli stand off the cooker and let it rest for 3-5 minutes and then carefully remove the idlis from the mold. This way it wont stick to the idli plate.

8. Enjoy!

PS: This is especially served with MTR Saagu and chutney. Recipes to follow soon.


At 10:53 PM, Blogger archana said...

Finally i chanced upon a rava idli recipe which sounds "donnable" !!! Thank you Roopa, and hearty welcome to Blogosphere !

At 6:55 PM, Blogger Foodie's Hope said...

HEY!! I am waiting for the recipes of MTR saagu and chutney!!

Rave Idly cold aguttidey ,bega bega type madi post madodallave?



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