Monday, September 11, 2006

Meme- About Me,Me and Only Me

Woa! Did I get tagged?
My all time favorite picture which always brings a smile on my face!.

I was: tagged by Asha of Foodie's Hope. Thanks Asha for tagging me.

I am from: Mysore.

I am thinking about: buying some real estate in Mysore.

I said : give me a break!

I want to : work full time and also be a good mom and wife and cook and........

I wish : we bought a site in india 5 years ago!

I regret : about eating a lot while pregnant.

I hear : the monitor(baby) buzzing.

I am : into browsing the internet for deals.

I dance : when my son wants me to, while watching The Wiggles on TV.

I sing : when I am alone, listening to music.

I cry : all the time.

I am not : a movie person.

I am with my hands: typing this meme....:)

I write : shopping list for groceries.

I confuse : amisha patel with preity zinta.

I need : to send my son to preschool.

I value: my "alone" time.

I love: browsing the internet, listening to some 80's and 90's music, watching my toddler learn new things and cooking, of course.

I think: people should start using coupons to save on everyday things.

I hope: happiness and peace to one and all!

I tag: Karthi Kannan of Kitchenmate.

Wow that was fun!
Thanks for reading :)